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Trials regulation hindering childhood cancer progress

Overly complex EU regulations are hampering progress on cancer survival rates in children, say leading researchers.

New evidence that power lines do not cause childhood leukaemia

A study published in the British Journal of Cancer1 casts further doubt over claims that magnetic fields produced by power lines and electrical appliances can lead to...

Deaths from cancer in children fall by almost 60 per cent since the '60s

THE RATE of children dying from cancer has fallen by almost 60 per cent over the last 40 years, according to new figures from Cancer Research UK.

Teenagers not included in enough cancer trials

A new study has highlighted the small number of teenagers who are enrolled in clinical trials in the UK.

Study finds childhood cancer survivors have higher risk of dying years later

Childhood cancer survivors may have an increased risk of death from other forms of cancer, cardiac and cerebrovascular causes.

Genetically modified immunotherapy shows promise in B-cell acute leukaemia

Treatment with genetically modified immune cells caused remission in patients with a particular type of acute leukaemia, according to a small US trial.

Light show brightens prospects for children with cancer

A new test that lights up a tumour's DNA with brightly coloured fluorescent dye can predict a child's chances of relapsing from cancer, a study in the Lancet reveals1.

Trial results show dramatically improved survival for relapsed childhood leukaemia

A new treatment increases survival to almost 70 per cent for children whose acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) returns.

Charity reassures families over childhood cancer survival stats

Charity reassures families over childhood cancer survival stats Cancer Research UK has responded to claims that children with cancer have shorter survival in the UK than...

Potential new way to treat childhood leukaemia identified

An international team of scientists has discovered a potential new treatment target for T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (T-ALL).