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Proton beam therapy: where are we now?

Proton beam therapy is a relatively new form of radiotherapy that’s garnered a fair amount of media attention in recent months and years.

At the moment, because the...

Working together to beat cancer in young people

It’s been a very busy few months for us since we launched Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens – our campaign to raise money for research into cancers affecting children,...

Less intensive chemo avoids irreversible side effects in children’s cancer

Children with a rare type of cancer called Wilms’ tumour who are at low risk of relapsing can now be given less intensive treatment.

Cancer in kids, teens and young adults – why we’re renewing our focus

Cancer deaths in children and young people have dropped by nearly 60 per cent in the past 40 years

Cancer deaths in youngsters drop by nearly 60 per cent in 40 years

Cancer deaths in children and young people have fallen by 58 per cent in the past 40 years, according to new figures from Cancer Research UK.

Scientists map out how childhood brain tumours relapse

Researchers have discovered the unique genetic paths that the childhood brain tumour medulloblastoma follows when the disease comes back

15,000 extra children survived cancer thanks to improvements since the 1970s

During the last 40 years over 15,000 more children have beaten cancer than would have done if survival had remained the same as in the 1970s

Drug target discovered for aggressive childhood brain tumour

US scientists have successfully used an experimental drug to treat mice with an aggressive form of childhood brain cancer.

Cancer cell fingerprints in the blood may speed up childhood cancer diagnosis

Newly-identified cancer cell fingerprints in the blood could one day help doctors diagnose a range of children’s cancers faster and more accurately.

New imaging technique provides hope for deadly childhood cancer

Cancer Research UK have announced a new trial that could revolutionise how children with neuroblastoma are diagnosed.