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Why cancer is (still) more than just ‘bad luck’

New research has uncovered a possible explanation for why some cancers are more common than others, we explore the details.

‘We urgently need kinder treatments for children’ – Noemi and Zofeya’s story

When she was 4 years old, Zofeya was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a type of brain tumour. Here, Noemi, Zofeya's mom, shares her daughter’s story

Advances in Wilms’ tumour treatment – how less became more

Find out how our researchers have helped lead to nine in 10 children surviving Wilms' tumour, a type of children's kidney cancer.

International trial for children’s brain tumours launches in the UK

Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens launches the UK arm of a large international clinical trial* for a type of children’s brain tumour, called ependymoma.

Making blood vessels ‘leaky’ could help treat children’s brain tumours

A new study published today by a group of scientists could explain why there are such differences in survival between medulloblastoma patients.

UK diagnoses children’s kidney cancer at a later stage than Germany

The UK diagnoses Wilms’ tumours – the most common children’s kidney cancer – when they are larger and more advanced compared with those diagnosed in Germany.

UK scientists develop new method to diagnose and monitor rare childhood cancer

New research shows a new way to diagnose and safely monitor a rare type of cancer, known as germ cell cancer, in children.

Expert Opinion – Professor Richard Gilbertson talks children’s cancers

We caught up with Professor Richard Gilbertson to find out the challenges facing research into children’s cancers, and where the field is heading.

Children’s cancer death rates drop by a quarter in 10 years

The rate of children dying from cancer has dropped by 24 per cent in the last decade

‘Will you be finding a cure for my child?’ – Watch our Google Hangout on tackling cancer in kids and teens

Following the success of our last Google Hangout, in partnership with Science on Google+, we’re thrilled to be able to bring you another fascinating discussion. This time...