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Gold-studded microcapsule could lead to targeted chemotherapy

Researchers in Germany have developed a tiny microcapsule studded with gold nanoparticles that can release substances inside a tumour cell when hit with a laser impulse....

Personalised diets could help cancer patients

American researchers made a discovery that could lead to ways to minimise the nausea experienced during chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy advances improve breast cancer survival

Advances in chemotherapy have improved survival rates and reduced recurrence rates for some types of breast cancers, says new research.

60-year-old drug shows new promise for inherited cancer

CANCER RESEARCH UK-funded scientists have shown that an early chemotherapy drug invented in the 1940s has the potential to work against a genetic fault called HNPCC* which...

DNA repair genes help predict impact of chemo for melanoma

A LINK between the level of active DNA repair genes in melanoma tumours and the effectiveness of chemotherapy for skin cancer patients has been established for the first...

Gene helps predict which women with ovarian cancer will benefit most from chemotherapy

Measuring how active a gene is in women with ovarian cancer could predict who will benefit from platinum-based chemotherapy drugs – a common treatment for the disease.

Single injection could halt chemo fertility loss in men says study

Early research in mice suggests that a single injection prior to treatment could one day prevent male infertility through chemotherapy, scientists have suggested.

Study uncovers genes which affect chemotherapy impact

Researchers have identified 87 genes which appear to affect the sensitivity of human cancer cells to certain chemotherapy drugs.

Study suggests chemotherapy cream may improve appearance of ageing skin

A small clinical trial in the US has suggested that a chemotherapy cream used to treat a condition called actinic keratoses - which can develop into skin cancer - may also...

Postponing surgery reduces long term side effects for children with kidney cancer

Children given chemotherapy before surgery to treat the most common form of childhood kidney cancer, called Wilms' tumour, require less treatment and experience fewer long...