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“It upset me enormously that children were dying, and I wanted to do something to help them” – Andy’s story

To coincide with the publication of our annual review, we caught up with Professor Andy Pearson, who’s leading our groundbreaking BEACON neuroblastoma trial.

From a...

“I couldn’t believe how much things had moved on” – Nicola’s story

“I went into a bit of a practical mode: this is what we need to do, everything will be fine. They sent me for further tests to see how far the cancer had spread and that’s...

Ten things politicians should do to help beat cancer

The future for people diagnosed with cancer today looks a whole lot brighter than it would have done 40 years ago.

Research has resulted in improved diagnostic...

Tumour protein predicts response to chemo in oesophageal cancer patients

Patients with the most common type of oesophageal cancer are less likely to respond to chemotherapy when their tumours are high in leptin

More oesophageal cancer patients benefit from pre-op chemo than previously thought says study

More oesophageal cancer patients than previously thought are benefiting from having chemotherapy before an operation to remove their tumour.

Trial results show better survival for gallbladder and bile duct cancer

Combining two chemotherapy drugs for advanced gallbladder and bile duct cancer improves survival by a third, according to results from a Cancer Research UK funded trial...

Gene may help cancer cells to thrive

The p53 'tumour suppressor' gene, which researchers believe is essential in helping chemotherapy to kill cancer cells, may actually help them to survive, a study has found...

Nanodiamonds show potential for cancer drug delivery

US scientists have shown that a new class of nanomaterials called 'nanodiamonds' could be effective at delivering chemotherapy drugs safely to cancer cells.

Less intense chemo 'better for some Hodgkin's lymphoma patients'

Giving patients fewer doses of a type of chemotherapy increases the effectiveness of a Hodgkin's lymphoma treatment, and reduces side effects, according to German...

Energy boost for fatigued cancer patients

Swallowing a specially designed energy drink each day could boost cancer patients left exhausted by chemotherapy, according to research published in the British Journal of...