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‘Johns Hopkins’ cancer update emails are a hoax

About a decade ago – back in the dark ages before social media took off – various versions of an email started circulating.

Purporting to be a “Cancer Update from...

Our Milestones: A recipe for success – the birth of combination chemotherapy

This entry is part 21 of 21 in the series Our milestones

In the latest Our Milestones series post, we look at the role we played in the advent of a 1970s cancer...

Unpicking the genetic ‘patchwork’ in ovarian cancer

Cancer is not one disease, but a multitude.

We often say that there are more than 200 types of cancer – lung, prostate, bowel, breast and all the rest – but this is...

The cheek of it – how you could help beat blood cancer

In January 2012, Brian – then in his late 30s – started noticing something was wrong. “I was getting breathless doing simple chores and walking up small inclines,” he told...

Raising awareness of cancer clinical trials

We feature three personal stories about cancer clinical trials, showing the vital role they play in developing news ways to treat cancer.

Improving the gold standard for brain tumours

Combining a drug called temozolomide (Temodal) with radiotherapy and surgery is now the international standard-of-care for thousands of people with the most common type of...

The Enemy Within – 50 years of fighting cancer

Cancer has always been with us, affecting our species for many thousands of years. For most of that time there was little we could do in the face of such a powerful...

The shape of all things – the year of crystallography

This entry is part 20 of 20 in the series Our milestones

Crystals have been a source of fascination for thousands of years, and for good reason. Not only are they...

Wising up on older people and cancer

Around two in every hundred of the UK’s over-75s are diagnosed with cancer each year. And this accounts for around a third of the nation’s new cancer cases e

Sea sponge drug could boost advanced breast cancer survival by five extra months

A cancer drug originally developed from sea sponges could give women with advanced breast cancer an average of five extra months of life.