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Gut microbes trigger chemo side-effects, but there could be a way to stop them

There are microscopic communities living inside all of us.

These communities are made up of bacteria that happily live on or inside our bodies. Each community is...

Targeting cancer’s self-defence mechanisms

Dr John Halsall and Professor Bryan Turner, from the Chromatin and Gene Expression Group at the University of Birmingham, write about their latest research.


Chemo drug works by tricking cells into thinking they're infected

A type of chemotherapy drug appears to work by tricking cells into thinking they're infected with viruses.

Our milestones: Cisplatin – the story of a platinum-selling life-saver

This entry is part 23 of 23 in the series Our milestones

In the latest in Our Milestones series, we go back to the 1970s to look at how Cancer Research UK scientists...

The end of the road: trying to unpick the problems with end of life care

As part of a number of articles looking at end of life, and with renewed focus on the issue including through the recent Independent Taskforce report and updated NICE...

Cataloguing the genetic chaos in oesophageal cancer

On the 27th of September 2013 Tracy Collinson’s world turned upside down. Seemingly out of nowhere, her husband Nigel – father to their two young boys – was diagnosed with...

Cancer killer combination could make cells more sensitive to chemo

There’s much talk about the move towards ‘personalised’ cancer treatment, with the hope of bringing cures for more people and making treatments kinder.

Over recent...

New drug combo could make cancer more sensitive to chemo

Combining chemotherapy with new drugs that target a protein that helps cancer cells to withstand chemotherapy could drastically improve treatment

Less intensive chemo avoids irreversible side effects in children’s cancer

Children with a rare type of cancer called Wilms’ tumour who are at low risk of relapsing can now be given less intensive treatment.

Many hands make light work – the evolution of clinical trials

Today is International Clinical Trials Day, which aims to raise awareness of clinical trials – and their importance in modern medicine.

It falls on 20th May because...