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'Significant' new cancer drug resistance mechanism identified

A key cause of drug resistance in cancer cells has been identified by European and US researchers.

Cancer cells pull off 'Houdini' escape to evade chemotherapy

SCIENTISTS have revealed for the first time that cancer cells can reverse a process which irrevocably commits normal cells to die, in a study published in the British...

Scientists crack conundrum of how combined chemotherapy destroys pancreatic cancer cells

Scientists have discovered how a combination of two drugs - already showing promise in clinical trials - destroys pancreatic cancer cells,

New chemo-targeting could cut deaths and side effects say researchers

A new method of delivering chemotherapy drugs could avoid negative side effects such as sickness and hair loss, Bath University researchers have claimed.

Chemo after breast cancer surgery cuts deaths by one-third

Women with breast cancer who were given chemotherapy following surgery fared better than women who were given no chemotherapy, according to a large University of Oxford...

Men not attending fertility appointments after cancer treatment

More than a third of men who bank their sperm prior to cancer treatment do not attend a single follow-up appointment to assess their fertility.

Blood test could hold key to improved survival for ovarian cancer patients

Cancer Research UK scientists hope to use a simple blood test to discover which ovarian cancer patients become resistant to chemotherapy - says a leading researcher at the...