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Temozolomide sales reach $1 billion

Sales of Temozolomide*, an anti-cancer drug developed by Cancer Research UK scientists, have reached $1 billion**.

Cancer Research UK launches trial of experimental drug combination for advanced stomach and oesophageal cancer

Cancer Research UK’s Drug Development Office (DDO) has joined forces with academia and industry to open a clinical trial that will test an experimental drug from...

MRI drug boosts chemotherapy says study

A chemical used to enhance medical scans may also boost the potency of chemotherapy, scientists have suggested.

Potential treatment for acute myeloid leukaemia identified

Scientists from the United States have identified a protein that affects the development of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) and found that an experimental drug blocks its...

Proof that controversial therapy is effective

Cancer Research UK scientists have for the first time shown that a controversial treatment is more effective than traditional chemotherapy for treating multiple myeloma, a...

Blocking key proteins could improve response to common chemotherapy drug

SCIENTISTS have discovered how blocking key cell signalling proteins could help boost the success rate of the tumour-shrinking drug paclitaxel, according to a study...

New trial will investigate cancer-fighting properties of chemical related to cannabis

Chemicals similar to those found in cannabis form the basis of a new drug that is being trialled in UK cancer patients for the first time by researchers at the Cancer...

Gold-studded microcapsule could lead to targeted chemotherapy

Researchers in Germany have developed a tiny microcapsule studded with gold nanoparticles that can release substances inside a tumour cell when hit with a laser impulse....

Benefits 'far outweigh' reported side-effects of chemotherapy drug

Research which suggests a chemotherapy drug used to treat cancer patients can cause serious brain damage needs to be put into context, it has been asserted.

Biological marker predicts chemotherapy response

Researchers at the University of California have discovered that measuring the levels of a particular protein in breast cancer cells may indicate whether a woman will...