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Tree-derived stem cells may reduce cancer drug costs

UK scientists have shown that stem cells derived from trees could be used to produce a cancer drug called paclitaxel on a commercial scale, at low cost

Drug trial shows improved survival for breast cancer patients

A woman's chances of surviving early stage breast cancer could improve by a third if she is treated with a particular combination of chemotherapy drugs, according to a...

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma survival doubles since early 1970s

More than half of patients diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) are now surviving the disease thanks to improved diagnosis and treatment, according to a new report...

Anti-alcoholism drug could help treat most common type of adult brain cancer

A drug that has been used to treat alcoholic patients for more than sixty years could potentially help treat glioblastoma.

Pre-surgery chemo boosts Wilms' tumour treatment says study

Children being treated for the most common form of childhood kidney cancer, known as Wilms' tumour, show better treatment results if given chemotherapy before surgery,...

Impotence drugs make chemotherapy more effective in rats

A US study has found that drugs used to treat impotence appear to help improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy in rats with brain tumours.

'Epigenetic' therapy shows promise for hard-to-treat lung cancer

A new 'epigenetic' therapy appears to be able to prolong the life of patients with late-stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), according to the results of a small...

Scientists overpower cancer's drug defences

Stripping cancer cells of their defences against chemotherapy with a new class of anti-resistance drug has the potential to improve treatment for many solid tumours,...

Early trial results show survival improvement for pancreatic cancer

Adding a new chemotherapy drug to standard treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer has shown dramatic improvement in survival, a new study from Cancer Research UK reveals...

Docetaxel significantly increases survival for incurable gastric cancers

Survival for advanced stomach and oesophagael cancer patients increases by 40 per cent when treated with the chemotherapy drug, Docetaxel – providing evidence to prescribe...