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Trial results show better survival for gallbladder and bile duct cancer

Combining two chemotherapy drugs for advanced gallbladder and bile duct cancer improves survival by a third, according to results from a Cancer Research UK funded trial...

New advance in targeted chemo

Researchers are developing a new way of targeting cancer cells with chemotherapy while leaving healthy tissue unharmed.

Liquorice extract could be used in new liver cancer drugs

Extracts of liquorice could prove useful add-ons to chemotherapy drugs for liver cancer, say researchers in China.

Healthy cells around tumours 'help fuel chemotherapy resistance'

The damage chemotherapy can cause to the healthy cells around tumours - the so-called 'tumour microenvironment' - could help cancer to develop resistance to treatment,...

Hormone treatment could cut need for chemo in some younger breast cancer patients

Around 5,500 pre-menopausal patients could be offered a hormone drug that is shown to be as effective as traditional chemotherapy - and so avoid potential infertility and...

Chemotherapy boosts survival rates for pancreatic cancer

The use of chemotherapy following surgery reduces the risk of death from operable pancreatic cancer by around 30 per cent, says new research published in the British...

Genetic test could personalise lung cancer treatment say doctors

A new genetic test could be able to predict which early-stage lung cancer patients will require immediate chemotherapy, say researchers.

Scientists develop way to predict chemotherapy effectiveness

Researchers have developed a non-invasive method of predicting whether chemotherapy is likely to be effective against a particular tumour.

'Significant' new cancer drug resistance mechanism identified

A key cause of drug resistance in cancer cells has been identified by European and US researchers.

Cancer cells pull off 'Houdini' escape to evade chemotherapy

SCIENTISTS have revealed for the first time that cancer cells can reverse a process which irrevocably commits normal cells to die, in a study published in the British...