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Why cancer is (still) more than just ‘bad luck’

New research has uncovered a possible explanation for why some cancers are more common than others, we explore the details.

Dioxins and cancer – another piece of the chemical puzzle

It’s not news that our environment – from the air we breathe to the food we eat – impacts on our health, including our risk of cancer.

But while some of the links...

Cannabis chemicals stop prostate cancer growth

ACTIVE chemicals in cannabis have been shown to halt prostate cancer cell growth according to research published in the British Journal of Cancer today.

Primary colours combine to curb cancer

A colourful combination of red light, blue dye and a plant hormone can be used to kill cancer cells with a lethal flurry of chemicals, according to a study by Cancer...

New chemicals shield 'genome guardian'

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered a potent group of chemicals that protect p53 - a major anti-tumour gene - from destruction, a study published in Cancer Cell...

Roll-your-own cigarettes as deadly as ready mades

Roll-your-own (RYO) cigarettes expose smokers to similar levels of cancer-causing chemicals as manufactured cigarettes according to a new study by Cancer Research UK now...

Compounds from olive oil may lead to new breast cancer drugs

Scientists from Spain have discovered that chemicals in olive oil can block the activity of a key breast cancer gene, in laboratory tests.

No "compelling" chemical cancer link says Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK has sought to dispel fears of a link between cancer and chemicals found in plastics and pesticides.

Scientists find new link between tobacco chemical and cancer

Scientists have found a second, indirect way in which cancer-causing chemicals in cigarettes cause lung cancer.

Cancer Research UK reassures women over breast cancer chemicals study

Cancer Research UK has said that a report on a possible link between environmental chemicals and breast cancer should not alarm women as it does not draw on all the...