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Causes Of Cancer

Newly funded research – understanding cancer at the population level

Thanks to your support, we fund research into many different aspects of cancer.

To decide what to fund, we assemble panels of experts in different fields, who...

Young people and e-cigarettes – what do the latest data tell us?

In an article co-commissioned with The Conversation, Professor Linda Bauld – Director of the Institute for Social Marketing at the University of Stirling, and Cancer...

‘Giving sugar its fix’: Public Health England recommends halving sugar consumption targets

Sugar has been heavily sprinkled over the headlines this week. It’s an ever-present ingredient in kitchen cupboards, drinks and lunchboxes up and down the country. And the...

‘Jumping genes’ may drive oesophageal cancer

Scientists have found that ‘jumping genes’ may add to the genetic chaos behind more than three-quarters of oesophageal cancer cases.

Worried about sunscreen? The 3 key ways to avoid sunburn this summer

A version of this post originally appeared on the Which? Conversation blog – reproduced with permission.

Bin men may have been surprised by the number of half-used...

When defences attack: the hidden cause of cancer hiding in our cells

Last month, we wrote about Cancer Research UK-funded scientists at The Francis Crick Institute, whose research is tracing the origins of the genetic diversity within...

‘Johns Hopkins’ cancer update emails are a hoax

About a decade ago – back in the dark ages before social media took off – various versions of an email started circulating.

Purporting to be a “Cancer Update from...

Body’s cancer defences hijacked to make pancreatic and lung cancers more aggressive

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered that a vital self-destruct switch in cells is hijacked.

13 things that shaped our campaign for standardised cigarette packaging

In May 2012 – facing widespread post-recession cynicism about the future of public health policy – the Director-General of the World Health Organisation, Dr Margaret Chan...

Dioxins and cancer – another piece of the chemical puzzle

It’s not news that our environment – from the air we breathe to the food we eat – impacts on our health, including our risk of cancer.

But while some of the links...