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News digest – Tobacco strategy, cancer survival, HPV jab and boys, and finally… John McCain diagnosed with cancer

News digest – Tobacco strategy, cancer survival, HPV jab and boys, and finally… John McCain diagnosed with cancer.

Reviewing our year

Read about some of the progress we've made over the last financial year and about some of the big themes from the year.

News digest – radiotherapy and Brexit, public health services under strain, bacteria behaving badly and… coffee extends life?

New numbers on UK cancer diagnoses, immunotherapy research in space, badly-behaved bacteria and... could coffee extend your life? Here’s our weekly news digest.

Science Surgery: ‘Could more cancers be caused by inherited faulty genes than we now think?’

In our new #ScienceSurgery series, we’re answering your cancer science questions. Read our answer to Victoria’s question.

Greater access to genetic testing needed for cancer diagnosis and treatment

Cancer patients should have routine access to genetic testing to improve diagnosis and treatment, according to England’s chief medical officer.

News digest – Frozen needles, a smokefree UK, microbubbles and… breaking cancer’s ‘legs’?

Frozen needles, a smokefree UK, microbubbles and how scientists in the US are trying to break cancer cells’ ‘legs’. Here’s our weekly news report.

Large health inequalities across England revealed

There are stark differences in how long people in different parts of England can expect to live a healthy life, according to a new report.

News digest – 8 new grand cancer challenges, blood tests, personalising immunotherapy and… ‘go natural’?

8 new Grand Challenges in cancer research launched, blood tests for prostate cancer, making immunotherapy more personal and… ‘go natural’? Here’s our weekly news digest....

Tumour characteristics could predict immunotherapy success in lung cancer

The molecular make-up of lung tumours could help identify patients who might benefit from immunotherapy treatment up front, a new study has found.

8 new challenges between us and beating cancer

We launch phase 2 of our Grand Challenge with 8 of the biggest questions in cancer research.