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Vital rethinking in cancer early detection needed to save lives

The Cancer Research UK Roadmap sets out a plan to overcome the challenges hampering early detection of cancer.

The team tackling the serious side effects of cancer treatment in an ageing population

We spoke to the team looking into the complex relationship between the gut microbiome and radiosensitisation in bladder cancer.

Coronavirus and cancer – July updates

We’re monitoring the latest government and NHS health updates from across the UK.

Opinion: ‘UK cancer research could be set back years by COVID-19. We must act now’

Because of COVID-19 and the devastating impact it’s had on our income, we could be forced to cut £150 million per year from our research funding. 

£150 million per year could be cut from cancer research, warns charity

Cancer Research UK could be forced to cut £150 million per year from its research funding as the COVID-19 pandemic decimates its income.

Searching for novel connections in cancer metabolism

Our scientists have been hunting for patterns that could reveals clues about metabolism and cancer.

Coronavirus reports – Part 5: “I have tried to be positive all the way through”

We caught up with people living with cancer across the country, to find out how the coronavirus pandemic has been affecting them and their families.

Coronavirus and cancer – June updates

We’re monitoring the latest coronavirus government and NHS health updates from across the UK.

Over 2 million people waiting for cancer screening, tests and treatments

For cancer services to get back on track, patients and staff working must be tested regularly for COVID-19, whether they have COVID-19 symptoms or not.