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Cancer Genes

Citizen Scientists can spot cancer cells like pathologists, so what happens next?

At the top of every scientific paper, in small, neat typography is a roll call of the researchers who helped make the study happen.

This can be just a few...

Stopping cancer’s scrum for survival

Cancer cells use an array of different techniques to try to outrun a patient’s immune system.

But some of the latest cancer treatments attempt to disrupt these...

Eye gene acts as ‘partner in crime’ in leukaemia mystery case

Emma Williams, a PhD student in Dr Tim Somervailles’s lab at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, writes about the team’s latest discovery.

It’s not just...

New leukaemia gene stops blood cells ‘growing up’

Scientists have identified a gene – FOXC1 – that, if switched on, causes more aggressive cancer in a fifth of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) patients

Science Snaps: prioritising the gene faults behind bowel cancer

This entry is part 14 of 14 in the series Science Snaps

As tumours develop, faults can pop up in what seems like a bewildering number of genes. And each time one...

Two years on for our pioneering TRACERx lung cancer study

It should have been a dream holiday – a perfect escape from England’s January chills for a retired couple. Terrence, 75, was relaxing on deck with a book as the cruise...

NHS England must act as patients miss out on cancer drug tests

It’s a wonder of modern science that, for at least some types of cancer, doctors are now able to exploit the unique genetic faults in a person’s tumour to treat their...

Molecule in bowel tumours linked to poorer survival

US scientists have identified a molecule whose levels in tumour tissue appear to be linked with poorer survival among bowel cancer patients.

‘This switches the lights on’ – how discovering the shape of three proteins could lead to new cancer drugs

The ‘lightbulb moment’ is a much-coveted event in a scientist’s career.

But in reality, it’s something more likely to appear in a work of fiction than in the...

Cataloguing the genetic chaos in oesophageal cancer

On the 27th of September 2013 Tracy Collinson’s world turned upside down. Seemingly out of nowhere, her husband Nigel – father to their two young boys – was diagnosed with...