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Cancer Drugs

Cancer Research UK drug launched in its first clinical trial

A new cancer drug, RG7813, developed after a discovery made by Cancer Research UK, has entered a clinical trial targeting a wide range of cancers.

Landmark breast cancer study and the link between aspirin and cancer

We talk about a study that could revolutionise breast cancer treatment, growing evidence on aspirin and cancer, and the latest cancer trends. 

Prostate cancer drug approved, curry chemical on trial

We discuss a curry chemical starting clinical trials and ahow study reveals poor cancer survival in men with mental illness.

Cancer in the elderly, drug targets and a new trial

We discuss cancer diagnosis in the elderly, mouth cancer, and scientists uncovering a new breast cancer drug target.

Liquid biopsies, the Cancer Drugs Fund and bowel cancer

We discuss liquid biopsies for cancer patients and  finding out about the Cancer Drugs Fund. 

Intelligent knives, new drugs and cancer detectors

We discuss the latest advances in cancer research including a “magic wand” for surgery and whether chocolate can detect cancer.