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Cancer Biology

Molecular imbalance linked to brain tumour seizures

Researchers in France may have discovered why some patients with a type of brain tumour have epileptic seizures.

Modified blood-thinning drug could target neuroblastoma

A drug commonly used to prevent blood clots could be adapted to treat neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer.

Scientists discover ‘brakes’ to stop cancer-causing ‘car-crashes’ in cells

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered a new role for a protein that may put the brakes on cancer by stopping DNA from snapping, according to a study* published in...

‘Dustman’ protein helps bin cancer cells

Cancer researchers have discovered a new ‘dustman’ role for a molecule that helps a drug kill cancer cells according to a study.

Chopping kidney cancers down at their trunk could lead to new treatments

A new study has discovered the genetic faults at the core of kidney cancers which could be targeted with new treatments published in Nature Genetics.