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Brain Tumour Primary

Resurrecting stalled cancer drugs

Developing new drugs is tough. But as illustrated by the results of an early stage trial of a new vaccine for brain tumours, our Clinical Development Partnership (CDP)...

Our new strategy – “a big step towards putting us all out of jobs”

We asked our chief scientist, Professor Nic Jones, about why he’s so excited about our new research strategy, which we launched today.

Promising results in phase 1 trial lead immatics to continue work on vaccine (IMA950) for glioblastoma

A new cancer vaccine (IMA950) for glioblastoma has met the two primary endpoints of safety and immunogenicity in a Cancer Research UK trial.

When muscle turns to bone – clues for treating deadly childhood brain tumours

Imagine each time you injured yourself – whether a simple cut, or a broken limb – your body’s natural healing mechanisms turned damaged muscle into bone.

It sounds...

Sleeping Beauty reveals childhood brain tumour’s secrets

Childhood cancer is no fairy story. It strikes over 30 children a week in the UK, and although survival rates have climbed dramatically over recent years – with more than...

Potential brain tumour drug can distinguish cancer cells from healthy ones

A potential new drug can stop brain tumour cells growing while leaving healthy cells alone, according to new research published in PLOS ONE.

Gene 'fusion' linked to aggressive brain cancer

A small number of cases of glioblastoma - an aggressive brain tumour - are caused by DNA damage that joins two particular genes together.

Vaccine may double survival in patients with aggressive brain tumour

A small early-stage trial has produced promising results for a new cancer vaccine.

'No link' between using mobile phones and brain tumours

There is no link between using a mobile phone and developing tumours in the brain or central nervous system.