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Brain And Spinal Cord Tumours

Brain tumour gene link found

Cancer Research UK funded Scientists have discovered a mutation in a DNA repair gene which may increase the risk of developing meningioma.

Infections could contribute to adult brain tumours

Statistical analysis carried out by scientists in the UK and Holland has revealed infections could act as a trigger for certain brain tumours.

Impotence drugs make chemotherapy more effective in rats

A US study has found that drugs used to treat impotence appear to help improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy in rats with brain tumours.

Gene faults linked to common type of brain tumour

Scientists in the United States have created a comprehensive gene map that throws light on the causes of a common form of brain tumour.

'Glow in the dark' brains aid tumour surgery

A multi-centre phase II clinical trial for a pioneering new surgical technique has started in the UK.

Study confirms side-effects of radiotherapy for low-grade glioma brain tumours

A new study has confirmed that patients who undergo radiotherapy for low-grade glioma may experience a decline in their mental ability in later years.

Clinical trials planned to test controversial drug

An experimental drug that has received significant media attention this year is to be tested for cancer treatment.

Studies shine light on genetics of childhood brain tumours

New studies have found genes linked to two types of aggressive childhood brain tumour, and could aid the development of effective treatments.

Genetic link to rare brain tumour discovered

Cancer Research UK funded scientists have conducted the first whole-genome scan of the brain tumour meningioma.

Researchers identify potential target for brain tumour drug

Researchers believe that a drug that targets the body's immune cells could provide a new treatment for malignant brain tumours.