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Brain And Spinal Cord Tumours

Brain scans could diagnose and monitor glioma brain tumours

Research into the most common type of brain tumour has uncovered a way to monitor the disease using the latest imaging technologies.

Scientists find marker that signals better brain cancer survival for children

Scientists supported by Cancer Research UK and the Samantha Dickson Research Trust have uncovered a protein that signals a more favourable survival.

Cancer Research UK launches nine high-tech gene projects

Unravelling the genetic secrets behind a range of cancers is the aim of a new initiative from Cancer Research UK.

Electromagnetic fields 'do not increase cancer risk' among energy workers

A study of workers at electricity firms suggests that electromagnetic fields do not increase the risk of some cancers.

Virus discovery may aid treatment of children's brain tumour

A large proportion of medulloblastomas are infected with a virus, according to work published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Newcastle scientists working to improve treatment of childhood brain cancers

A greater understanding of how children's brain cancers grow and spread could lead to more sophisticated treatments for the disease.

Cancer Research UK launches trial to treat brain cancer which has returned

Cancer Research UKїs Drug Development Office has opened a trial of a new combination of drugs for the treatment of patients with brain cancer.

Engineered virus could treat brain cancer

Researchers at Canada's University of Calgary have engineered a virus so that it might one day be used to treat glioma.

Laser technique improves accuracy of brain tumour surgery

A new laser-based technology could make brain tumour surgery much more accurate, according to US research.

Seve Ballesteros looks to beat brain cancer as his charitable foundation comes to the UK

GOLFING icon Seve Ballesteros yesterday (Monday 14th December) joined forces with Cancer Research UK in a bid to beat brain cancer.