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Blood Test

Nanoscale blood test technique set to springboard cancer discoveries

A technique to get more information from the blood of cancer patients than previously possible has been developed.

Blood test may give early warning of skin cancer relapse

A blood test may be able to sound early warning bells that patients with advanced melanoma skin cancer are relapsing.

Women’s lung cancer cases hit 20,000

Cases of lung cancer in women have reached 20,000 a year in the UK for the first time since records began, according to new Cancer Research UK statistics

Pre-natal blood test study leads to ‘unexpected’ cancer diagnosis in three women

Researchers trying to improve a blood test used to spot foetal disorders have found unexpected signs of cancer in three pregnant women on their study.

‘Liquid biopsies’ could help spot genetic faults in lung cancer

Blood samples could offer an alternative to tumour biopsies in lung cancer patients, according to European researchers.

Cancer cell fingerprints in the blood may speed up childhood cancer diagnosis

Newly-identified cancer cell fingerprints in the blood could one day help doctors diagnose a range of children’s cancers faster and more accurately.

Simple blood test could improve treatment for deadly childhood cancer

A simple blood test could pinpoint which children are unlikely to respond to treatment for a particularly aggressive form of neuroblastoma

Scientists develop simple blood test to track tumour evolution in cancer patients

Scientists have developed a new way of looking at how tumours evolve in real-time and develop drug resistance by tracking changes in blood.

Blood test could provide early lung cancer diagnosis say scientists

A simple blood test currently in early-stage testing could provide a fast and reliable means of diagnosing the most common form of lung cancer, say scientists.

Scientists promise personalised nicotine withdrawal treatment

US scientists have developed a blood test to predict how hard smokers will find it to quit smoking, and say this could lead to bespoke treatment for individual needs.