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Bladder Cancer

Promising predictive test in bladder cancer

A simple test to predict how well bladder cancers will respond to radiotherapy could enable doctors to tailor the best treatment for their patients, according to a study...

Risk of bladder cancer from smoking higher than previously thought

Smokers may face a higher risk of bladder cancer than previously thought, a US study has revealed.

Deprived cancer patients face fatal health problems

Cancer patients from deprived backgrounds are more likely to develop life-threatening health problems, research published today (Wednesday) in the British Journal of...

Women with kidney or bladder cancer experience greater delays in diagnosis than men

Up to 700 women in England diagnosed with kidney or bladder cancer every year are experiencing a delay in being referred to a specialist, new research has revealed.

Adding chemo to radiotherapy halves risk of deadly bladder cancer returning

Bladder cancer patients given low doses of chemotherapy combined with radiotherapy were nearly 50 per cent less likely to relapse with the most lethal form of the disease...

Contact allergies 'may be associated with reduced risk of some cancers'

People with contact allergies to common metals and chemicals may be less likely to develop certain types of cancer, according to a study by scientists.

Cancer death rates over a third higher in men than women

Men are over 35 per cent more likely to die from cancer than women in the UK, according to a new report.

Low awareness of bladder cancer is 'disappointing'

Most people have a poor understanding of the symptoms and causes of bladder cancer, according to new research from Action on Bladder Cancer (ABC), a UK charity.

Bladder cancer patients over 70 less likely to get curative treatment

Older bladder cancer patients are less likely than younger patients to receive treatments intended to cure their disease such as surgery to remove the bladder or...