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Bladder Cancer

Drug trial success could reduce risk of bladder cancer recurring by a third

A major bladder cancer trial, funded by Cancer Research UK, has shown that adding two commonly used chemotherapy drugs to traditional radiotherapy can reduce the chance of...

'More research needed' after scientists suggest well-cooked meat affects bladder cancer risk

US scientists have suggested a link between eating well-done meat and a slightly increased risk of bladder cancer.

Childhood exposure to secondhand smoke linked to bladder cancer

Children and adolescents may be even more susceptible to the harmful side effects of tobacco smoke than adults - according to new research into bladder cancer published in...

Blood in urine could be sign of kidney cancer says new campaign

A national campaign has been launched to highlight the symptoms of bladder and kidney cancer.

Radiotherapy as effective as surgery in bladder cancer treatment

Radiotherapy is as effective as surgery in treating bladder cancer, according to a study* published today.

Study supports view that painters face higher risk of bladder cancer

A study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer has further evidence that professional painters may have a higher risk of bladder cancer.

New test hope to personalise treatment for bladder cancer patients

Cancer Research UK scientists have identified a molecule in cells which could predict the success of radiotherapy to treat individual bladder cancer patients, reveals...

Potential link between HPV and bladder cancer

A study has found that the human papillomavirus (HPV), certain strains of which are known to cause cervical cancer, may also cause bladder cancer.

Gonorrhoea linked to bladder cancer in men

Men with a history of gonorrhoea have a two-fold increased risk of bladder cancer, according to a study published in the British Journal of Cancer today.

Public unaware of link between smoking and bladder cancer

The majority of people are unaware that smoking increases the risk of bladder cancer, according to a new US study.