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Bladder Cancer

Urine test could help detect aggressive bladder cancer

According to new research, a simple urine test could distinguish between aggressive and less aggressive bladder cancers.

Radiotherapy could spare bladder cancer patients surgery

Radiotherapy is an effective treatment for aggressive bladder cancer and could spare patients surgery that removes the whole bladder.

Scientists use mutant proteins to predict bladder cancer recurrence

Measuring the levels of certain mutated proteins in tissue samples could allow doctors to predict the likelihood of bladder cancer returning after treatment, according to...

Multi-tasking imatinib boosts radiotherapy for bladder tumours

Cancer drug imatinib (Glivec) could boost radiotherapy treatment to destroy bladder cancer that has spread to the bladder wall, reveals research published in Cancer...

New tests detect 99% of recurrent bladder cancer, says report

A new urine test, used alongside an internal bladder examination has a 99 per cent success rate in detecting recurrent bladder cancers, says a recent study.

Relatives of young breast cancer patients could face increased risks of other cancers

Both male and female relatives of women diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 35 are potentially at an increased risk of other cancers.

New guidelines to increase bladder cancer survival, claims NHS

New clinical guidelines for dealing with bladder cancer patients should improve survival rates, the NHS watchdog has said.

Drug trial success could reduce risk of bladder cancer recurring by a third

A major bladder cancer trial, funded by Cancer Research UK, has shown that adding two commonly used chemotherapy drugs to traditional radiotherapy can reduce the chance of...

'More research needed' after scientists suggest well-cooked meat affects bladder cancer risk

US scientists have suggested a link between eating well-done meat and a slightly increased risk of bladder cancer.

Childhood exposure to secondhand smoke linked to bladder cancer

Children and adolescents may be even more susceptible to the harmful side effects of tobacco smoke than adults - according to new research into bladder cancer published in...