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Animal Research

Changes detected in BRCA1 breast cells before they turn cancerous

Scientists have mapped out some of the earliest changes that occur in seemingly healthy breast tissue long before any tumours appear.

Gentle regular exercise could reduce the risk of liver cancer in mice

A team of Cancer Research UK-funded scientists have been investigating the role of exercise in reducing the risk of liver cancer in mice

Secrets of naked mole-rat cancer resistance unearthed

Naked mole-rats' exceptional resistance to cancer is thanks to unique conditions in their bodies that stop cancer cells multiplying, according to new research.

The breast cancer ‘avatar’ mice that could help personalise treatment 

The Personalised Breast Cancer Programme in Cambridge is pioneering ways to tackle hard-to-treat breast cancer.

What can tumours in Tasmanian devils teach us about immunotherapy resistance?

A peculiar type of tumour, in an even more peculiar type of animal, could hold some clues to help scientists overcome immunotherapy resistance in humans.

Sugar supplement slows cancer growth in mice, but patients shouldn’t rush to health food shops

New research suggests giving a sugar supplement, called mannose, to mice with cancer slows tumour growth.

Can cutting out chocolate really hold cancer at bay?

There's more to stopping cancer from spreading than simply cutting out chocolate, despite what the headlines say.

Zebrafish reveal brain tumours’ secret ally

Our scientists have made it possible to see the unexpected relationship between immune cells and brain tumour cells.

From one-eyed lambs to ‘targeted’ skin cancer drugs

Our scientists have revealed how a targeted skin cancer drug works, which could help tackle drug resistance.

Can pigeons home in on cancer?

We regularly see stories in the media about animals sniffing out their owners’ cancer. And while these stories usually involve dogs, we’ve heard tales of horses, cats and...