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New markers could identify patients most at risk of brain damage from CAR T cell immunotherapy

New research suggests injury to the cells that line blood vessels could be behind severe side effects that some patients have after CAR T cell therapy.

Women with disabilities may be missing out on cancer screening

Women with disabilities are a third less likely to participate in breast cancer screening and a quarter less likely to take part in bowel cancer screening.

Denise Welch opens up about losing her mum to cancer and shares happy memories from the extra 20 years research gave her

Denise backs campaign encouraging people to support Cancer Research UK's lifesaving research by 'opting-in' to hear from them.

Smoking quit rates highest in 10 years

New data by UCL suggest success rates for quitting smoking are at their highest level for a decade.

Handheld device could spot tumour tissue during surgery

US scientists have made a handheld device that can distinguish between tumour and healthy tissue in the lab. This could one day help improve cancer surgery.

Studies highlight ‘potential new targets for immunotherapy’

Scientists have uncovered two potential ways to help the immune system fight cancer better, opening up new avenues for future immunotherapy research.

Cancer Research UK and Newcastle University extend successful multi-project drug discovery alliance with Astex Pharmaceuticals

Cancer Research UK and Newcastle University announce a three year extension to their major strategic drug discovery alliance with Astex Pharmaceuticals

Cancer Research UK and Biotecnol to trial new immuno-oncology treatment for advanced tumours

Cancer Research UK and Biotecnol Limited will trial an experimental immuno-oncology treatment for some patients with advanced tumours.

Scientists deliver knock-out blow to multiple cancers

Targeting healthy cells that have been hijacked by cancer cells could help treat many different types of the disease.

Cancer gene map uncovers potential new treatment targets

Researchers in the US have created comprehensive maps of genes that tumour cells rely on to survive.