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Nanoscale blood test technique set to springboard cancer discoveries

A technique to get more information from the blood of cancer patients than previously possible has been developed.

Doctor and dad duo design new 'cancer maps' to aid diagnosis

A GP and his dad have invented a new online mind-mapping tool for doctors that aims to help GPs speed up cancer diagnosis

Obesity in Year 6 pupils at record high

Levels of obesity among 10-11-year olds has hit record high, according to Public Health England.

Obesity could overtake smoking as biggest preventable cause of cancer in women

Obesity is set to overtake smoking as the biggest preventable cause of cancer among UK women in 25 years’ time

Stoptober: Just 1 in 10 will be smokers in five years' time, says PHE

By 2023 only 1 in 10 adults in England will smoke, according to predictions from Public Health England.

Pathology staff shortages causing delays to cancer diagnosis, says report

NHS pathology departments are suffering from chronic staff shortages, finds a new report.

The realities of cancer - Mental health issues and changes to energy levels top concerns among cancer patients

Cancer Research UK reveals the changes cancer patients experience and launches product range to support friends and family going through cancer treatment.

Cancer Research UK responds to the Governments new Childhood Obesity Plan

Cancer Research UK responds to the Governments new Childhood Obesity Strategy.

Number of elderly diagnosed with cancer set to rocket by 80% in less than 20 years

The number of older people diagnosed with cancer every year could rise by up to 80% to nearly a quarter of a million by 2035, according to new figures.

Belief in fake causes of cancer is rife

Mistaken belief in mythical causes of cancer is rife according to new research jointly funded by Cancer Research UK.