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One or two drinks a day increase the risk of cancer in women

Women who regularly have one or two alcoholic drinks a day increase their risk of several cancers according to a new report from Cancer Research UK published today.

New study suggests alcohol promotes breast tumour growth

Scientists have discovered that breast tumours in mice given the equivalent of two alcoholic drinks per day grow twice as fast as tumours in mice given no alcohol.

Drinking alcohol 'may increase risk of some types of breast cancer'

A US study, has confirmed suggestions that certain types of breast cancer are more common among women who regularly drink alcohol.

Alcohol is linked to rise in mouth cancer cases but few are of danger

Alcohol is contributing to a steep rise in mouth cancer cases in the UK. But few people are aware that it is a risk factor for the disease, according to a new Cancer...

Government figures show extent of summer holiday drinking

New figures from the 'Know Your Limits' campaign show that many Britons drink excessive amounts of alcohol on their summer holidays.

Quantity not type of alcohol increases breast cancer risk

A large study has confirmed that the more alcohol a woman drinks, the greater her risk of breast cancer - regardless of the type of alcohol consumed.

Less booze not more veg is key to cut cancer risk

People should be warned that cancer is linked to obesity and alcohol, rather than urged to eat more fruit and vegetables to protect against the disease.

Teenage smokers at higher risk of alcohol abuse

Teenage smokers are at a greater risk of alcohol abuse in later life than their non-smoking peers, says new research by the Washington University School of Medicine.

Moderate drinking 'ups cancer risk'

Women who consume just three small alcoholic drinks a week face an increased risk of breast cancer, US researchers have warned.

HPV pushes oral cancer cases past 6,000 a year

The number of oral cancer cases diagnosed each year in the UK has risen above 6,000 for the first time, new figures from Cancer Research UK show today.