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Less alcohol means a lower risk of cancer (and hangovers)

Despite the stereotypical view of alcohol and cancer being about heavy drinkers developing liver cancer, that’s actually a relatively small part of the problem. As we’ll...

Why today’s reports about skin cancer and alcohol are misleading

Let’s be clear – drinking alcohol carries health risks.

It causes seven different types of cancer. And the more we cut down on alcohol, the more we reduce our risk...

Lung cancer success and an alcohol-free new year

Exciting results from a lung cancer campaign, important findings from a breast cancer prevention trial, and a trip to an alcohol-free bar.

Raising alcohol taxes shown to reduce deaths

US scientists have found that raising taxes on beers, wines and spirits can have an immediate lowering effect on the number of deaths from alcohol-related health problems...

Non-communicable diseases such as cancer 'are the leading global killer'

Non-communicable diseases  are the leading cause of death around the world, the World Health Organisation has said.

Booze boosts bowel cancer risk

Drinking a daily pint of beer or a large glass of wine increases your risk of bowel cancer by around 10 per cent - according to a new report by Cancer Research UK.

Scientists calculate alcohol cancer burden

Alcohol consumption is a direct cause of around 3.

NICE recommends minimum alcohol pricing

The government should introduce a minimum price for alcohol and consider an outright ban on alcohol advertising, NICE says.

Sunburn, smoking, alcohol and obesity fuelling rising cancer rates

New statistics from Cancer Research UK reveal steep rises in cancers linked to excessive sun exposure, alcohol, smoking and obesity.

Heavy drinking linked to increased cancer risk

Canadian scientists have provided more evidence of a link between alcohol consumption and an increased risk of cancer.