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Science Surgery: ‘Does cancer attack every age group?’

Cancer can affect any age group but we see many more cases in older people.

Clearing up chemo options for frail and elderly patients with advanced oesophageal and stomach cancers

Older patients with advanced oesophageal and stomach cancers might benefit from low dose treatment, according to our unpublished clinical trial results.

Older people and cancer: how research could personalise treatment plans and care

We look at how research could help to adapt and improve treatment for older patients, including inclusive clinical trials and pre-habilitation.

Age: the biggest cancer risk factor

Age is the single biggest risk factor for cancer. We explore why age increases the risk of cancer and what it means.

5 persistent myths about the causes of breast cancer

The good news is there’s no reason to be concerned about deodorants, bras, plastics and milk when it comes to breast cancer risk.

Leukaemia gene faults accumulate with age

Genetic mutations in blood cells that could develop into leukaemia become "almost inevitable" as people get older, new research suggests.

Wising up on older people and cancer

Around two in every hundred of the UK’s over-75s are diagnosed with cancer each year. And this accounts for around a third of the nation’s new cancer cases e

Ageing cells could be ticking cancer time bomb

Cancers that occur in later life could be down to the way our cells age, according to a paper published in Nature Cell Biology.

Report calls for under-18 sunbed ban

Young people under the age of 18 should be banned from using sunbeds to help reduce the number of people with skin cancer, a new report has claimed.

'Dot Cotton' syndrome: third of pensioners who smoke are 'hardcore' addicts

Nearly a third of smokers over the age of 65 are 'hardcore'1, with no interest in kicking their habit, according to a Cancer Research UK study published in the British...