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The UK Government’s spending review: Time to invest in the future of cancer care

This autumn the chancellor Rishi Sunak will set out the Government’s spending priorities. Here's why it's time to invest in cancer services and research.

News digest – targeted radiation beam, precision medicine and our early detection roadmap

A new technique has been developed to help reduce a common side effect of radiotherapy for people with throat cancer.

Dear Prime Minister: “Please don’t delay action again, we’re counting on you”

Campaigner Patrick McGuire writes to Boris Johnson about honouring his manifesto commitments in the upcoming Comprehensive Spending Review.

Creating a shared vision to detect cancer earlier

We're bringing researchers, policy-makers, pharmaceutical companies and the public together to find a way to make early diagnosis better.

ScottishPower: 4 steps to £30m

We examine how our eight-year partnership with ScottishPower has seen its employees, customers and suppliers reach an impressive £30m fundraising milestone.

We’re asking scientists to tackle 9 of the toughest challenges in cancer research

We’ve partnered with the National Cancer Institute in the US (NCI) to stimulate even more innovative research collaborations through Cancer Grand Challenges.

Scientists develop new precision medicine approach for pancreatic cancer

Scientists from the University of Glasgow are developing new ways to predict who will respond to drugs targeting damaged DNA in pancreatic cancer. 

NHS staff shortages: What’s needed to build a sustainable cancer workforce?

We’ve estimated it will cost HEE between £142 million and £260 million more than it already invests to grow the key cancer professions by 45%.

New drug targeting high-risk children’s cancer is ready for trials

A new drug that has passed safety tests in adults is likely to be effective against the aggressive childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

Vital rethinking in cancer early detection needed to save lives

The Cancer Research UK Roadmap sets out a plan to overcome the challenges hampering early detection of cancer.


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