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News digest –  Dame Sally Davies, lung cancer predictions, fast food packaging, and CRISPR

Taking blood during surgery could help scientists decide how likely lung cancer is to return after surgery, and Dame Sally Davies tackles childhood obesity in her final...

Advanced ovarian cancer treatment approved for Cancer Drugs Fund

A targeted treatment for advanced ovarian cancer has been approved for use on the NHS in England and will be paid for by the Cancer Drugs Fund.

Womb cancer stats reveal treatment variation across England

Our new stats show a staggering variation in treatment plans for women diagnosed with womb cancer across England.

New batch of treatment decisions for NHS Scotland

The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) has made decisions on five new cancer treatments, including a personalised blood cancer immunotherapy.

Predicting lung cancer’s return at surgery

New lung cancer research shows that detecting potential tumour cells leaving the vein in the lung at surgery may predict the diseases return.

Secrets of lung cancer spread found in patients' blood and biopsies

Three studies from Cancer Research UK's TRACERx project reveal early signs that lung cancer may spread and become untreatable.

News digest – breast cancer survival, melanoma immunotherapy, red meat and cigarette warnings 

In the news this week: record numbers of people beating breast cancer and long-term benefits of melanoma immunotherapy revealed.

Record numbers beating breast cancer in the UK

More than 130,000 UK breast cancer deaths have been avoided in the last 30 years, according to our new analysis published to mark breast cancer awareness month.

Our strategic partnership with Tesco is breaking records

‘Tesco Dance Beats’ raises £2m for the ‘Little Helps for Healthier Living’ partnership

Immunotherapy for triple negative breast cancer gets initial ‘no’ for NHS in England

An immunotherapy treatment for triple negative breast cancer has been provisionally rejected for NHS use in England.


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