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NHS patients among first to access new CAR T cell therapy for lymphoma

Lymphoma patients in England are among the first in the world to be offered new CAR T cell therapy.

NICE approves new maintenance treatment for ovarian cancer

A new targeted treatment has been recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence for some adults with ovarian cancer.

Discovering the BRCA2 gene – 25 years on

25 years ago, a team of our scientists were celebrating. Their risky strategy had paid off.

Bowel scope screening to stop in England

Seven years after roll out began in England, bowel scope was still not being offered to everyone. And today, the test was removed from the roster.

“We’re proud to work with an amazing charity”: Co-op Legal Services on raising £200k for our research

As Co-op Legal Services celebrates a new fundraising milestone raised for life-saving cancer research, we hear what our partnership means to them

Scientists develop approach for exploiting cancer’s dietary demands

Scientists discover a way to target cancer’s nutritional needs, which could lead to a new way to treat the disease.

Ultraviolet radiation causes rare type of eye cancer

Ultraviolet radiation can cause a rare type of eye cancer, conjunctival melanoma.

Striking differences seen in COVID-19 responses in cancer patients

A new study funded by Cancer Research UK shows that the immune response to COVID-19 is the same in people with solid tumours compared to those without cancer.

Scientists develop new drug that targets pathway found in several hard-to-treat cancers

After decades of no luck, scientists have finally found a way to target the KRAS mutation - a common mutation found in several hard-to-treat cancers.

We have a Deal: What does the new UK-EU relationship mean for cancer?

Here’s what we know about how the new UK-EU relationship may affect cancer services and research.