What is radioisotope therapy?

Radioisotope therapy uses radioactive medicines to treat some types of cancer. It is also known as radionuclide therapy. You have the radioisotope as a drink, capsule or injection.

You may go home the same day as your treatment or stay in hospital for several days.

How does radioisotope therapy work?

The radioisotope travels around your body in the bloodstream to the area where the cancer is. The radioactive part is called an isotope. It may be attached to another substance, which is designed to take the isotope to the cancer.

The cancer cells take up the radioisotope and get a high dose of radiation, which destroys them. The healthy cells receive a low dose or no radiation. So usually this treatment causes few side effects.

Your doctor will tell you how you will have your treatment and what the possible side effects are.

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