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Symptoms of fatigue

Cancer fatigue symptoms are very general and other things can cause them too. But always tell your doctor about anything new or unusual you feel.

Here are some symptoms you might have if you have cancer fatigue:

  • lack of energy – you may just want to stay in bed all day
  • feeling you just cannot be bothered to do much
  • sleeping problems
  • finding it hard to get up in the morning
  • feeling anxious or depressed
  • pain in your muscles – you may find it hard to climb stairs or walk short distances
  • being breathless after doing small tasks, like having a shower or making your bed
  • finding it hard to concentrate, even just watching TV or talking to a good friend
  • finding it hard to think clearly or make decisions easily
  • loss of interest in doing things you usually enjoy
  • negative feelings about yourself and others

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