Together we will beat cancer


Your friendly team of moderators are amazing and on duty 365 days a year. They help keep the forum safe, legal and supportive, in keeping with our community guidelines. The moderators are not nurses and do not have a clinical background


I'm Sarah and I'm the Cancer Chat manager. I am a cancer survivor myself and so I know how helpful and supportive Cancer Chat can be from personal experience. My passion is live music and I sing in a Rock choir.


I’m Lucie I’m French but have lived in England for 15 years. I joined Cancer Chat in 2010 after many years looking after online communities in the publishing and music industries. I’m passionate about all things ‘online’.


I'm Ben and I'm the newest member of the team. I’ve been a moderator with Cancer Research UK since 2018. The Cancer Chat forum is such a supportive and welcoming place to be. In my spare time I’m a keen runner, and I love music and travelling too


I’m Renata. I joined Cancer Chat in July 2016. In my spare time I love to cook and try new recipes. I’m also an avid traveller and enjoy learning about new cultures and ways of life.



I’m Steph and I joined Cancer Chat in May 2016, although I have many years of moderation experience looking after a range of online communities. In my spare time I like to travel. I also enjoy volunteering and watching re-runs of comedy shows on TV


My name is Jenn and I joined CRUK as a moderator in 2013. I love the real sense of community that exists within the Cancer Chat forum. When not working I love to spend time getting out and about, whatever the weather.


I’m Anastasia and I’m the Assistant Cancer Chat Manager. I joined in December 2018 and have social media and journalism background. I love live music and present a show for my local hospital radio.  


Why we moderate

We aim to:

  • Stop any misleading information being posted.
  • Stop anyone misusing Cancer Chat or breaking the terms and conditions.

This means that sometimes we edit or remove messages, but only if we have a good reason to.

Cancer Chat is your space to talk about cancer and we want to protect your community.

How we moderate

We don’t approve posts before they go live.

But we do:

  • Review the site every day for new posts. All new posts will be read within 12 hours of being posted.
  • Rely on you to report anything you think is damaging to the community.
  • Respond to your queries within 1-3 days and keep you informed of action we take.

However, we understand that people make mistakes. We issue permanent bans to users only as a last resort to protect our community

Help us to moderate

Please read and follow our community guidelines. If you notice another member posting misleading information, misusing the site or breaking the terms and conditions in any other way, please contact a moderator by using the 'report this message' button in their message. You can also email the team directly.

You should expect a response within 1-3 days (it can be sooner). If you report a post, we will usually let you know what action we have taken.

Our nurses

We have a team of experienced cancer nurses on hand Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. The nurses are not moderators for Cancer Chat  but will respond to individual questions posted in the Ask The Nurses topic area.  They aim to answer these within three working days  

If you want to contact a nurse you can: