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Youngsters with bowel cancer.....

3 Jul 2016 23:08


I'm just wondering about youngsters with bowel cancer - What were your symptoms? How were you diagnosed? Did you have a long journey, with false reassurance, prior to diagnosis?

I am 30. I am pretty sure I have bowel cancer. I have had a change in bowel habit for around a year - going more often usually, sometimes constipated, sometimes blood, lots of bloating and a right sided mass that has been constant for the past 6 weeks. I also have pain in my spine when it is touched. 

I have seen 2 GPs and been told I have IBS. 

Tomorrow I am seeing a colorectal surgeon privately. 

Tonight j cannot sleep, and was wondering about your journeys. 


Thanks for for listening X 

Re: Youngsters with bowel cancer.....

4 Jul 2016 03:43 in response to Tad85

Hi, the most common cases of bowel cancer tend to happen to elderly males. Unfortunately, if you do have a family history of bowel cancer, it could be genetic which means you could get it earlier in your lie whether you are male or female. Fingers crossed that it's not cancer xx

Re: Youngsters with bowel cancer.....

4 Jul 2016 14:40 in response to Eirrap

Hi tad85

I'm 42 and female I was diagnosed with bowel cancer that has spread to my liver in may.

I had no symptoms from my bowel like bleeding or change in habit but I did have occasional epigastric bloating which was worse after eating fatty meat.

The symptom that took me to the doctors was right sided rib pain which was being caused by my enlarged liver.

They saw tumours in my liver on the ultrasound but the actual bowel cancer was spotted on CT scan. I then had a colonoscopy for biopsies.

I have now just finished my first cycle of chemo xx 

Incidentally my mum had bowel cancer at 59 she is 6 years clear now she had the genetic testing done and it was felt it wasn't genetic .

In my position now I would always advise if you do have symptoms get them checked x

Re: Youngsters with bowel cancer.....

4 Jul 2016 21:09 in response to Hayley1974

Thanks for taking the time to reply & I really appreciate your advice.

I saw a specialist today who has recommended a colonoscopy as he doesn't feel my symptoms are typical of IBS (which is what I had been previously told was the cause).... So I am glad I saw him, just have to wait for the next step now  

I'm sorry to hear your story, but again thank you for sharing. I really hope that your treatment is going well so far & that your journey is smooth X




Re: Youngsters with bowel cancer.....

27 Aug 2016 14:46 in response to Tad85


what did your colonoscopy reveal?