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X-ray and blood test results - confused, havent spoken to dr

9 Apr 2018 15:26


I posted on here the other week, explaining how I have multiple enlarged lymph nodes along with fatigue and so was sent for a chest x-ray, ct scan and bloods. Since I first went to my gp, I havent spoken to her, but I have an appointment with her on the 24th of this month to go over all the results (she only works mon & tues and is on holiday next week so unfortunately couldn't be sooner). I got my chest x-ray results back before i'd had my ct scan, and all the receptionist said was 'the drs said its/they're fine, no further action needed' so i've assumed this means clear?? or does it just mean that as i was having further tests anyway no action was needed? My ct results still aren't back, but I rang about my bloods today. All the receptionist could tell me is that my dr had marked that she wanted to see me, but as my ct hadn't come back yet then our appointment on the 24th was fine. I asked if this meant the results weren't normal, and all she could tell me is that it meant they're probably slightly out of range.

My question basically is, is this normal to have not yet spoken to my gp about what my results mean? I feel pretty confused and as if im being kept in the dark, as I have no idea what my blood tests have indicated, but if it was serious would they have wanted me to come in urgently?

So confused!

X-ray and blood test results - confused, havent spoken to dr

9 Apr 2018 16:23 in response to SunshineEm

Hi Em,

So sorry to read that you've been getting the run around. The receptionist isn't medically qualified (neither am I) and would be in serious trouble if she gave out results over the phone. 

If you are feeling anxious, ring the surgery and ask for an urgent appointment. If the receptionist asks what it is about, just say that you would rather not say on the phone or tell her you're suffering from anxiety. The 24th is a long way off and making you wait so long when the GP has said she needs to see you is ridiculous, anyone remotely human would feel anxious about this.  

Good luck