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Worried sick and the waiting game

8 Nov 2019 19:05

Hi my name's Nikki I'm 54 and found out yesterday that I have Vitamin B12 and folic acid anaemia. I am waiting for fast track referral for further investigation by gastroenterologist. I've had bowel changes for the past 6 months and lost my appetite, had nausea and feel absolutly exhausted all the time. I have a very strong family history of bowel and colon cancer within my family and I'm worried sick. The way my father passed away haunts me to this day.

My GP has not been helpful at all and all testing has been pushed by me. I was told yesterday to look up on the internet when asking what causes B12 aneamia and still have'nt even been examined in person only phone consultations !!. I'm seeing another GP on Monday and also starrting Vit B12 injections every other day on Tuesday but getting to the bottom (pardon the pun!) of what is causing me to feel so unwell is driving me mad.

Has anyone out there had simular problems with being taken seriously over syptoms especially with such a large number of family members having colon/bowel cancer ?

Worried sick and the waiting game

8 Nov 2019 20:32 in response to NikNoo


I went through this last year and luckily its just b12 difeicney I know it is worrying I can assure you you've done the right thing by getting more tests. 

Let me know how it goes! 

Worried sick and the waiting game

9 Nov 2019 11:27 in response to Worrier1245

 Hi Thanks for the message - I've never done this before as I'm not good on computers but it's so reasuring that I have someone to talk to. My hubby Pete is worried sick and so I don't want to admit to him my feelings too. How were you diagnosed and what treatment did you have, did they find out the cause and do you need on going treatment - Sorry for so many Q's !!


Worried sick and the waiting game

9 Nov 2019 11:36 in response to NikNoo

That's okay! So basically I lost over a stone in a very small amount of time... I went down to 7.5 half stone which is not very pleasant. 

My mum has coeliac disease and (they actually thought she had bowel cancer earlier this year) so they did bloods etc and then they decided to do a endoscopy which was really uncomfortable but it was over quite quickly. 

They found nothing there or nothing in stool samples so I had more and more bloods and they simply said it's my b12 so I had to have injections every other day for 2 weeks and now injection every 3 months for the rest of my life. I'm only 24 so when I was going through it all I was so worried what it could be but it did take months of investigation. 

You just have to sit tight and I know its frustrating because you just want to know but from experience it didnt make it better. Because of this now I have a low vitamin d level too so just have to take lots of vitamins to be honest.

Sorry for the long post but please feel free to ask any more questions or if you just need a chat xx