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Worried sick

11 Jul 2019 15:32


I have had melanoma in 2015 stage 1 and have been all clear since. I was back at clinic today and they want to have another mole off. Since the melanoma I have had several removed and not been worried about those but since I have become a mum so I'm carrying the worry of my little boy. 

The dermatologist said they feel it's a dysplastic neavi but to either eay it needs to come off. 

I'm worried sick. 

K x

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Worried sick

11 Jul 2019 17:23 in response to Kay0129

Hi Kay0129,

I can understand your worry because you are now a mum and it makes it all feel far worse than it was before. Hopefully it will turn out to be a dysplastic naevi like your consultant thinks but don't panic if it comes back as another primary melanoma. Hopefully it's been caught quick and you will be fine. The treatment of melanoma has moved on apace since 2015 so it's more optimistic for those diagnosed these days. Try to keep busy to keep your mind off it - good luck and please let us know how you get on,

Angie (Stage 3 melanoma patient)

Worried sick

12 Jul 2019 07:49 in response to AngieT

Thank you for your reassuring words. Iv looked back last night on some previous pics to see if the little dark spot in the mole has always been there. Looks like it appeared during pregnancy as it's on my 20 week picture of my tummy. With that in mind I'm thinking if it was something bad I'm sure it would have kept changing even still now. 

Fingers crossed 

K x

Worried sick

12 Jul 2019 08:59 in response to Kay0129

Hi Kay,

The hormones when pregnant can cause changes to existing moles or new moles/marks may appear. In the majority of these it is not serious so hopefully yours will be fine. The same happened to my niece who was already under dermatology (she & my brother have had several dysplastic navaei removed in the past). When she was pregnant the dermatologist kept an eye on an existing mole on her tummy & once Isaac was born she had it removed - it was another dysplastic navaei. As your dermatologist said, even if it is a dysplastic mole it still needs removing as, left in situ, they have the ability to turn cancerous in the future. 


Angie x

Worried sick

30 Jul 2019 17:37 in response to AngieT

Had my results Happy it's a dysplastic mole! I'm pleased the wait is over and so happy it's not cancerous. 

Now to get back to enjoying my time with my little boy and stop my worrying! 

K x