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Worried mam

9 Sep 2019 20:14

Hi everyone . I’m having some strange things going on and looking for advice . I was diagnosed with pcos and suffer terrible terrible pain most days since ! But lately things have changed . The worst thing being I get these episodes of lower back pain that literally take my breath away ! It’s like an intense pressure rather than a single pain . with chronic bv aswell , I can go to toilet 2 minutes later I need to go again , every time I eat I get this horrible nausea lately aswell .  I’m just very worried over the back pain as it’s not something I have ever even heard of people suffering ? 

Thanks for reading 

Worried mam

11 Sep 2019 11:02 in response to Lolobear19

Hello and thanks for your post

It can be worrying when you have symptoms that are going on for a while and it's understandable you want to know what is going on.

As nurses, we are unable to tell you what may be causing your symptoms. Do bear in mind though, that there are many conditions other than cancer that can cause symptoms.

We always encourage people with ongoing symptoms, to make an appointment to see their GP. They will assess you and decide if you need to go for any further tests.

I hope you know more about your situation soon.

Kind regards,