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Worried I have lymphoma...

20 Oct 2019 17:07

So basically I’m absolutely terrified I have lymphoma, it’s completely taking over my life and I’m really not sure what to do so I’m looking for anyone who can help in any way! I’ve had glandular fever for 15 weeks now but I was only diagnosed with it after 11 weeks so have only started resting properly recently. Because of this I’ve got enlarged glands, little bit of weight loss and tiredness which I know is normal, however I have one lump in my neck which is smallish, hard, painless and immovable which I’ve according to google (I know I shouldn’t google but I can’t help it!) this is not a good sign! I’ve also had itching over the past couple days all over my body with no rash, which only made me even more anxious! My neck in general hurts sometimes, had bloods tested (full blood test, liver and kidney and I think c reactive protien) and they all came back fine apart from the glandular fever and I’ve asked the doctor about this particular lump but he was very dismissive and said it had probably been there all my life but I’ve never noticed it before! I’m 18, not an excessive drinker or smoker and usually healthy, does anyone think I should be worried about lymphoma and push my GP to check out this lump? Also with the blood tests I had, would anything show up which would imply lymphoma? Thanks xx

Worried I have lymphoma...

25 Oct 2019 14:55 in response to G.E7007

Hello and thanks for posting, 

A lot of people post on the forum looking for reassurance, but I am afraid no one can give it 100% which I suspect probably isn't what you were hoping to read. On balance I don't think your GP will be wanting to miss a diagnosis of lymphoma and if a blood test suggested it, glandular fever seems the most likely explanation for how you are feeling. All we can ever say is to keep an eye out for new symptoms, like the itching and go back to the GP if they don't settle in a few weeks. Itching can sometimes be due to a change in washing powder so take this into account. 

Worrying about your health isn't so unusual, but it can be a burden to live with. Try and see how things go, but do see your GP again if you are remain worried or develop new symptoms. In the meantime try not to look things up online as it makes most people more worried and seldom provides any answers. 

Take care,