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Worried about persistent throat and ear pain

12 Jun 2020 16:11 in response to Anonymous

Have your heard anything since? 

It's like your telling my story.. I have my Endoscopy on Monday! 

take care! 

Worried about persistent throat and ear pain

17 Jun 2020 12:11 in response to sgan1

I still get nowhere myself. 


I had a letter explaining what the symptoms are and what I should do.


My neck is a lot better but I have new symptoms now.


I have a burning/stinging throat, and mild ear pain and shoulder blade pain. Could be the GERD route but you cannot see anybody because it's not classed as serious.


Anybody got similar ?

Worried about persistent throat and ear pain

19 Jun 2020 17:38 in response to gravy

Hi there,


I have a strange feeling in my throat that feels like a lump just under where the Adams apple is.


I have ringing in ears and have done for a while now and a stuffy nose.


When I breathe in, it feels a little breathy - I was diagnosed with a DVT in Feb20 and 2 PE's.  I had a CT scan last week and the results were good and the clots have gone and there is no damage to the lungs, my consultant said that the lungs are now perfectly normal.


I was getting bouts of acid reflux and was placed on Lanspapole 30MG that I take at 07:30 every morning.  Some days I get a sweet taste in my mouth that lasts all day long and have been told thats acid.


 I also suffer from Anixety and take warfarin and will be for life - the ringing in the ears and the slight soreness in the throat, sometimes a little hoarse and the stuffy nose have been around for the last 2 months or so.


Does this sound like acid reflux? I kind of assumed it was but it feels like it is getting a little worse.


I am also Type 2 diabetic and I have lost around 2 and a hlaf stone over the last few months Happy my BMI is about 28 and my blood sugars are well controlled.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


The ringing in the ears, the semi sore

Worried about persistent throat and ear pain

19 Jun 2020 17:48 in response to Mark.G

Everybody I know seems to have lost weight in the lockdown. I've lost 1-1,5 stone but i've not been able to go to the Gym for months and instead of eating healthy i'm eating rubbish, no nights out on the booze with mates so easy reasons for the weight loss.


Sounds like anxiety, if you've had a scan too that is a result atm.


I'm trying  Omeprazole now

Worried about persistent throat and ear pain

20 Jun 2020 04:04 in response to Anonymous

Hi Anonymous, 


i too had sore throat, swallowing difficulty & hoarse voice & plus runny / stuffy nose and sinus issues. This has been going on since March alongside all kinds of other confusing symptoms for which I had different tests. I was eventually fast tracked to ent. After an initial examination with a camera down my throat which didn't reveal much  I sent for an MRI. This revealed a slight asymmetry at the base of my tongue. I am now about to have a biopsy ...and feel very nervous about this ...


I hope your investigation is under the way now - let us know how you are getting on. - good wishes to you


Worried about persistent throat and ear pain

22 Jun 2020 10:19 in response to Mark.G

Hello and thanks for posting

I am sorry to hear about your health problems and the symptoms you are currently having.

I'm afraid no one on the forum is able to diagnose you or tell you what the matter may be. It sounds like you have seen your GP and they have suggested it may be down to acid reflux and have given you some lansoprazole to help things. Acid reflux can be rather unpleasant and cause some nasty symptoms at the time often including a soreness of the throat and a taste in the mouth.

I am unsure if you have changed your eating in any way that may have contributed to the weight loss but if not I would mention this to your doctor to see what they say. If the symptoms continue do go back and see your GP as they can assess you and if needed can refer you on for more tests.

Health anxiety can make symptoms feel far worse I am unsure if you are receiving any help to manage this at all. Health anxiety UK here has some useful tips and  information as does the NHS Every mind matters website at this link, so do take a look.

Take care and I hope you are feeling better soon.


Worried about persistent throat and ear pain

1 Aug 2020 15:22 in response to CRUK Nurse Naomi

Hey Everyone


Wow reading these back from 2018 i didnt think it would be still replied too.


So i have the 

*Sore throat, constantly when eating, swollowing ect

Feels like a bubble in my throat, 

I growl to try and get it away

*Sharp stabbing pains in my ears and my shoulder blade

*Constant itchy / sore nose 

*I'll be sat up on my computer chair feel the pain in my ear and feel like im falling forward. 

*Heartburn Daily

I have IBS - to the point where i can go to the toilet upto 15 times a day


I have had the camera up and down which confirmed a Hiatus Hernia. 2018


I have been on Gaviscone/ Omeprezole / lanzaprosol / Ranitidine/ 

Newest tablet now is Esomeprazole. 


Im only 32, a mother of 2. I dont think that i stress about anything, i dont have anxiety, i have a lovely family home and business so i dont think its down to stress. 

In Aug 2019 i had a few episodes of falling over


Had CT scan, MRI, Heart monitor for 24 hours, EEG, ECG

All within normal range and discharged after 9 days in hospital. 


Again im not stressed im just worried about these symtoms now as its been nearly 10 months. 


Any advice please is thoroughly welcome. 


Thankyou xx♡♡





Worried about persistent throat and ear pain

3 Aug 2020 11:57 in response to Jodie_Blackpool
Hi I wonder if anyone found the cause of their symptoms? I have similar issues to most posters here. For the last 4 months I’ve had trouble swallowing,feeling like something is stuck in my throat and burning sensation in my throat. I had a phone consultation with my GP last week and was told I probably had acid reflux and was prescribed omeprazole. I still have all the symptoms 24/7. I don’t drink alcohol. I never smoked. I’m healthy weight. My GP also wants me to get blood test and chest X-ray but I have no problem with breathing or coughing. Any advice please Thank you

Worried about persistent throat and ear pain

3 Aug 2020 15:42 in response to Jodie_Blackpool

Hi and thanks for posting

Having a range of these symptoms can be worrying and many people do worry that it must be something like cancer causing them.

However, there's usually in the majority of cases, other explanations, especially if you have already been investigated and the results luckily came back normal.

As we cannot say what may be causing these symptoms, you really would need to go back to the GP with your concerns, with a view to discussing what the next step may be.

I wish you all the best


Worried about persistent throat and ear pain

3 Aug 2020 15:56 in response to smurfette78

Hi and thanks for your post

I'm not quite sure what sort of advice you may be looking for, as it's good that you have been to a GP already and got checked out. They have also referred you for further tests so they can see what may be behind your symptoms.

Unfortunately, no one here can say what this may be down to, as there are usually lots of  explanations other than cancer for your symptoms.

Hopefully, you will get the results back soon.

All the best