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Worried about my breast

7 Nov 2019 21:15

Hi all so I had a baby just over 4 months ago and my skin all over has always been bad due to my excema but the over day I noticed a spot and it has taken a while to go but is going but my boobs seem like there is more skin and the skin looks like it has dimples or I don't know if I am just freaking myself out as idk if I have any other signs or it's just fat from being pregnant as I gained a lot of weight 

Worried about my breast

8 Nov 2019 13:05 in response to Katielou21

Hello and thank you for your post,

I am afraid that we are unable to tell you if this anything to be worried about but if you have concerns do go and see your GP.

This could be your eczema flaring up and that alone would be a good idea for you to see your GP. I think it is unlikely you have cancer. 

Take care,