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Worried about mum, ovarian cancer symptoms

17 Jul 2019 13:44


I am so worried about my mum, she is 61 and a couple of months ago hair tummy ballooned, not gradually but almost like an instant bloat.  She could pass as pregnant.  She was a good girl, and with my insistence, visited the doctor.  I was outraged when my mum returned home from the doctor, who had felt her tummy, told her it was fat and that she needed a personal trainer!!! She didn’t order one test and just sent her away! Mum felt bad enough about her bloat as it was, but to be told that just knocked any confidence left out of her.  Mum eats healthier than me, salads, fruit, rarely drinks and still works in a physically demanding job! 

Fast forward to now, Mum has other symptoms, she wees more at night and gets tired more, she gets on/off shooting pains in her tummy, dizziness sometimes and headaches. The bloat is still there too so yesterday I accompanied her to a locum doctor. She has sent mum for a ca125 blood test and now we await the results. 

I am so so scared, worried, anxious. My dad passed away from cancer nearly 4 years ago and I can feel that awful feeling in my tummy rising.  My mum is my best friend and I am so scared for her.  I have of course googled and cannot find any other explanation for her symptoms.  I am still so angry about the first doctor and the fact that she didn’t investigate at that time. 

Thank you for reading and sorry for rambling x 

Worried about mum, ovarian cancer symptoms

19 Jul 2019 14:11 in response to Kirstynic

Hi Kirstynic, 

I'm really sorry to hear that Mum's dealing with this health concern at the moment. It sounds like it's been an anxious time for you both recently. 

It's understdnable to feel scared and of course we know that Dr Google isn't a very reliable source of information. Although the CA125 test is used to check for possible ovarian cancer, a raised result can also be indicative of other problems. Try not to look too far ahead at the moment. It will only serve to increase your anxiety levels whilst you're waiting for Mum to get a diganosis for her symptoms. 

I hope that you don't have to wait too long for the results. If you think it would help you to speak to one of our team of nurses about things then do give them a call. They're available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm on 0808 800 4040.