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Worried about cervical cancer

18 Aug 2019 22:32

hi this is totally new to me never posted on a forum before but thought it was best for a bit of reassurance.

About 8 months ago I noticed I was having bleeding after sex sometimes light spotting other times quite heavy and was having freguent pelvic pain upon going to the doctors she took swabs as was concerned about sti/pelvic inflammatory disease as she said my cervical was inflamed however everything came back negative and she decided to change the type of pill I was on to a triphasic one which was fine for a few months however I’m now having bleeding after sex, spotting when not on my period, pelvic pain and light yellow discharge with a slight smell she’s done more swabs all negative and cervix still red so she’s referring me to gynaecology. I am the biggest worrier and google everything but I’m only 26 years old so know it’s more than likely maybe just to be the hormones causing these symptoms and not cervical cancer but I can’t help but worry. Not due my next routine smear till next year but wonder if that’s why she’s referring me to gynoclogy to get it done 


Worried about cervical cancer

20 Aug 2019 11:18 in response to Aims26

Hello and thanks for your post

Hormonal imbalances or the contraceptive pill can sometimes cause irregular bleeding or spotting.

If a cervical ectropion is seen (where the cells lining the inside of the cervix are found just outside it) it can cause bleeding after sex or spotting.It can also have an inflamed appearance.This is very common, especially when someone is on the pill.You can read more about this here 

It sounds like the GP referred you to a gynaecologist as you were still having spotting and pain. This would be quite normal and not because they thought it was cancer, but with a view to finding out what may be causing your symptoms. There are many conditions other than cancer that could account for them. The gynaecologist will examine you, possibly do a smear and if necessary refer you for an ultrasound or other investigations.

These symptoms are common and sometimes, there are situations where no explanation can be found .

I do hope you get an answer soon

All the best