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22 Sep 2019 02:55

Hi there, i am just wondering if anyone knows what this could be, I've had pain in my right breast then developed a lumpy tube that goes into my arm pit?

Quite uncomfortable & painful & when i raise my arm my breast sinks in a line where the lumpy tube is behind?

I have been to the gp who says it's definitely not right, but hasn't seen it before. i am in for a urgent referal to see someone in the breast clinic at the hospital, but in the mean time unable to function with my head in overdrive wondering what it may be.. Has anyone had this before & could give any advice?

Back in march i was at the hospital complaining of a lump & nipple leakage, to be told i was fine & all would leak if squeezed hard enough, so i am quite upset if is something that could of been caught earlier. 

I am 28 & a mother of two, 7 year old & 20 month old & the unknown is unbearable

Thanks to anyone that reads & takes time out to reply xx


22 Sep 2019 03:16 in response to Emma187

Hi Emma

Thought I'd just say Hi as you're up late and possibly worrying. I don't know what your lumpy tube could be but glad you're getting it checked out. I wouldnt jump to conclusions, not all breast referrals mean that its cancer. Hopefully other breast ladies will see your post and may have some insight/support to offer. x