Together we will beat cancer



20 Sep 2019 19:21

ok straight to the point I guess

back in June a week after my period  I experienced lower abdominal pain right side affecting  my hip, leg and lower right back, also been experiencing gas, bloatedness, lack of appetite and tiredness doctor first suspects an appendicitis then a water infection, gave me antibiotics and the pain subsides after a week. This month a week after my period the pain was back this time with vaginal bleeding that lasted for 6 days I went back to doctor who felt my tummy but said it felt soft so she’s now sending me for a Pap test blood tests and an abdominal and pelvic scan I’m very worried to say the least we have cancer in my family my mum had breast cancer my gran and grandad died of lung and bowel cancer and my neice has a grade 4 brain tumour. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 5 yrs ago I dunno what to think or who to talk to i don’t want to discuss with family as I don’t want to worry them.


21 Sep 2019 07:38 in response to Chaotica

Ah bless you you must be out of your mind with worry, and not being able to share this with your family.

But until you know something for sure try not to worry I know it's easier said than done but worrying will only make you feel more anxious.

When you go for your scan ask the sonographer if they see anything untoward sometimes they tell you, not always but it be doesn't hurt to ask.

I really hope everything will be ok fingers crossed xx 

Take care x