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Coronavirus and cancer

We know it’s a worrying time for people with cancer, we have information to help. If you have symptoms of cancer contact your doctor.

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17 Oct 2020 15:27

Im worried i have developed a form off skin cancer what shoukd i do. Im a 53 year old female of Mediterranean origin, ive recently returned from cyprus after spendung 6 weeks there to takecare if my poorly mother. I did manage to makpe it to the beach on occasion in the scorching 40 degree heat didnt use protection as i dont burn easily, however since returning ive noticed i have like blisters with no puss when i have tried to pop  them thinking they are spots they just ooze clear liquid bleed then scab over but wont heel. I've had them several weeks now with no sign of heeling. They are on my face back shoulders and chest. Please has any one got any advise as im getting quite concerned now.


17 Oct 2020 18:48 in response to Rarney43_

Hi there ..

I see you've posted under "ask the nurse "  they are here, Monday to Fri ... I'm sure they will pop by then too .. but this is just my view ... 

Bless ya ... we can't diagnose you on here ... but anything like that is best seen by your G P ... they can look and advise or get them tested .. soonest seen... soonest sorted ... fingers crossed for a good result ..   Chrissie... 


19 Oct 2020 12:58 in response to Rarney43_

Hello and thank you for posting

As Chrissie mentioned in her post it's not possible for anyone here to be able to say what this may be, though as you have a number of spots it doesn't sound as if it's cancer, though I really cant say.There are many other conditions that could account for this.

However, it sounds like they need to be looked at if they are not healing , especially as you've had them for a number of weeks.

So do make an appointment with the GP. Initially it might mean a telephone conversation, though they can invite you in to be examined if necessary. 

I hope you get to be seen soon

All the best