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10 Nov 2017 00:44

Hoping for some reassurance.

having had back trouble for many years, I've recently (last 18 months) also had groin/pelvic pain which was attributed to my back. Over the the last couple of months, after one or two red flags, I felt that I needed to take up the smear test that had been offered in the last 12 months or so (can't quite remember how long ago letters came). 

Smear test hurt slightly which was unusual and nurses reaction made me suspicious. Letter received shortly afterwards to say abnormal cells found and colcoscopy appointment would be sent through which it was a few days later. Then a second letter from GP arrived to say that they'd been trying to contact me by mobile/landline but 'strongly recommended' that I attend the hospital appointment. I rang GP and doctor phoned back to chat; he basically said that cells changes were quite marked and that I should prepare to have a biopsy at the colcoscopy appointment. 

At colcoscopy, husband and I chatted to doctor (pre procedure) who said that they would be performing a LLETZ to remove 'bad cells' and womb biopsy to see what was happening and if necessary, would I consider a hysterectomy should the need arise!  He mentions they've found abnormal glandular cells and that they need to do the womb biopsy to check that they are not from there?

Hubby was taken out to waiting room while I was taken through to procedure room. LLETZ performed and biopsy taken from womb and then doctor tells me that results from both will take approx 4 weeks and they will be holding an MDT meeting at the beginning of December to discuss a few cases and they will decide how to manage my situation and the best way forward type of thing.

i haven't been told of any grading of abnormality but I'm petrified as to why it all seemed to be planned out before they'd even examined me...  

What is happening and why the repeated mention of hysterectomy before any results?  It all sounds so serious... What happens now?

sorry for the long post, am so frightened X

Re: Worried...

11 Nov 2017 01:54 in response to JSophia


Hi JSophia,

A warm welcome to Cancer Chat, although I’m sorry for the reason that brings you here.

If it’s of any consolation to you, your fears following your smear test are perfectly normal. We all tend to think of the worst case scenarios whilst waiting for any results.

Try not to worry about the planning all being carried out before you are examined. The consultant will already have the result from your smear test and, the Leitz and biopsy will tell them more about the type and stage of any lesion. It is normal for a consultant to discuss the results of your tests and most appropriate type of treatment with his MDT (multi-disciplinary team) before he sees you back in 4 weeks. This saves wasting further time putting a treatment plan into place.

When a surgeon sees so many cancer cases, they can almost detect a problem without waiting for the test results, although these give a definite diagnosis. He may feel that you will be likely to need a hysterectomy and, by giving you advance warning, he is giving you a chance to come to terms with this possibility. Although this can leave you feeling frightfully worried, it is better than telling you  when you get the result of your tests and, going ahead with surgery before you have had time to come to terms with all that this entails.

I have had 2 bouts of breast cancer and know only too well how scary it is when waiting. I hope that things are not as bad as you expect when you get your results, but please let us know the outcome. We are always here for you whenever you feel like talking.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Re: Worried...

13 Nov 2017 17:41 in response to Jolamine

Thanks for taking the time to reply Jolamine, I'm so grateful and it has helped me to calm down ☺️

Ive done some sensible reading and am now better prepared mentally for the results and hopefully, it will be nothing too much to worry about but am aware of possibilities so ready to go forward if this is the case. Only time will tell now, thank you once again for your kind reply and thoughts to you xx