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Work after surgery pending results

15 Nov 2022 09:21



Think I'm after some sort of reassurance if possible....

I started a fixed term contract in May and was diagnosed with breast cancer in September. 

Because I've not been there very long I don't feel like I have a close working relationship with my manager and she has a different style to what I'm used to.. quite distant.

I had surgery on 2nd November and took a week off. I've messaged today to say I'm not doing too well, I'm totally exhausted and emotional.  Not been sleeping well due to discomfort and think I may have a seroma but just keeping an eye on it hoping it'll disperse as I'm too tired to go to the hospital. Currently waiting on the biopsy results so that's worrying me and the uncertainty of what next steps will be.

I only get 4 weeks sick pay so obviously I don't want to use it if I don't have to because who knows what else will be round the corner.

She's read my message but not replied so now I'm in a panic thinking I could lose my job or not be considered for anything permanent which had been discussed previously but not been mentioned again for a few weeks now.

I just want her to tell me it's OK bit I'm obviously not going to get that. I feel awful and I know my health and recovery is priority but I'm terrified what's being said in my absence.

This nightmare just seems never ending Sad

Work after surgery pending results

17 Nov 2022 10:55 in response to Hollibob

Hi Hollibob,

I can understand this is a difficult situation. Hopefully since your post you have heard back from your manager. I'm not sure how much you have discussed with her so far, but I'm sure she would have some understanding if you were to explain everything.

As you say, your health is the priority, and hopefully your work can support you with that. There are some tips on the Macmillan website for talking to your employer, which may be helpful.

I hope you're able to get some reassurance soon.

Wishing you all the best,

Cancer Chat Moderator